Step-by-Step Instructions for this Site

In order to help you better understand how the site will look, we are providing you this step-by-step reference guide.

Here is the link to the site - https://university.dogsnaturallymagazine.com

Please note that there will be two different views of the website

(I) For non-registered users (users those are not logged in). (II) For registered users (users those are logged in).

For Users Who Are Not Logged In


This page contains a website description with links to videos, courses, testimonials, information about us and even a link straight to our Academy and Magazine Pages.

You can navigate to the DNM Privacy Policy page by clicking on the respective link.


This page contains a brief overview of the courses. If you hover your mouse on COURSES, you can see all the courses that are available.

If you click on PET FOOD NUTRITION, you will be taken to the following page.

On this page, you will see the description of the course and what you can expect to learn.

If you would like to buy a particular course, click on the LEARN MORE button below the image or down at the bottom of the Courses page. When you click the LEARN MORE button you will be taken to the order form for secure purchase.


When you click on ABOUT US you will be taken to this page. Here you can read the description about our team, our philosophy and find out who we can help.


(a) FAQ

When you click on FAQ the following screen will appear. You can read the answers to the frequently asked questions when you click on the (+) button.

(b) Contact Us

When you click on CONTACT US you will be taken to this page and you may contact the DNM University Team