Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How will these certificates help me?

A: DNM University certification will benefit many people.


They’re great for vet techs who want a tangible way to show they have specialization in natural animal health and nutrition; they’re great for students who are looking for more specialized skills to help them stand out from the competition; they’re great for retail pet stores and pet food companies to make sure their employees are up to speed on the best practices for natural modalities; and people who want to work as pet health coaches can benefit from knowing the course content is 100% holistic and provided by qualified people who are active in the industry. DNM University
certification can help attract more clients and higher-paying clients.


And it’s also extremely useful for breeders and rescue workers and even individual dog owners who don’t necessarily want the certification, but want an organized, thoroughly vetted and usable source of actionable practices that will keep their dog or cat in the best health possible and help them to be prepared for when illness strikes.

Q: Do I have to travel?

A: The DNM University courses are designed so you can take them at home. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or device. All course modules and exams are online.

Q: Do I have to travel? How Long Does It Take To Complete A Certification Course?

A: We’ve divided the courses into smaller segments so you only learn what you want to learn. And this shortens the time commitment for each individual course. Most courses contain 6 to 10 hours of video instruction, so you could complete it in a weekend if you do it full time. But it’s best to put the course into practice as you go through it, so we recommend 3 to 14 days to complete the course.

Q: Do I have to write the exam for certification?

A: Of course not! If you just want the information for your own dog or cat, then the course is a great resource and you won’t be obligated to take the exam if you don’t wish to.

Q: How hard is the exam?

A: You’re required to get 75% or more on the final exam. This is made up of 75 multiple choice questions. DNM University courses set you up for success. Each module will contain a quiz that you must pass before you move to the next one. This makes sure you don’t just complete the course, but that you understand the content and can put it into action when you’ve finished.

Q: What if I fail the exam?

A: You are able to retake the exam up to two times. After three failed attempts, you may be required to retake the class (at no charge) and all the module quizzes before you can rewrite the exam.

Q: Why would I choose DNM certification over other courses?

A: The value of DNM University certification courses lies in the content. There are other certification courses available but we had so many requests for certification courses that were DNM approved - so you can be confident the DNM University courses contain a 100% natural approach and will be written by the industry’s top experts.

Q: Can I take the courses if I live outside the US?

A: Of course! Because the certification courses are completely online, it makes it easy to attend from any country.

Q: Can I change my email to a different email?

A: Yes you can change your email in our system. Please Click HERE, and you go to the email update web page.