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Working With Pets Is Great:
Getting Paid To Work With Pets Is

Don't you wish all dogs and cats had the benefit of good nutrition and good health?

The truth is, the pet food industry is a multi-billion dollar business. And that means dogs and cats can sometimes become the victims of greed.

The good news is that there are people like you who want to help companion animals live long and healthy lives - and there are millions of pet owners who are waiting for you to help them.

But how do you stand out from the competition? Do you feel 100% confident in your skills and training?

This is why I created DNM University.

As somebody who wanted to work in the pet industry myself, I know how hard it is to truly become an expert in pet food nutrition - and I was fortunate that I was able to connect with some of the best holistic veterinarians and pet nutrition experts who taught me everything I know today ...

... and everything I share with millions of pet owners every week.

Well, now I want to share my access to the top industry insiders with you in an exciting new training and certification program.

It doesn't matter whether you want to create a team of pet nutrition rockstars, start your own pet consulting business the RIGHT way, or just get the facts you need to make better nutrition choices for your own pets: DNM University is here to help you change lives.

If you want to:

    • Boost your career (or start a new one)
    • Learn proven action plans and analysis rules
    • Expand your skills and distance yourself from the competition
    • Supercharge your pet blog site with in-depth, life changing articles and guides
    • Build a team of knowledgeable, friendly staff

    The DNM University certification is for you.

    Choose your first course and together we'll make the world a better place for cats and dogs.

    Dana Scott
    Found, Dogs Naturally Magazine
    Certification Course Presenter

    We Deliver The Ultimate Dream Team

    DNM University Certification Courses are unique. Our course instructors aren't just vets or bloggers - they're in the trenches and they're sought-after pet food formulators and top industry experts. These are the people with PhDs who teach veterinarians about pet nutrition - but they're also advocates of whole, natural foods and holistic medicine. 

    Getting Certified is Easy!

    There Are Only 3 Simple Steps...

    Step 1: Take The Course

    Each Certification Course is between 7 and 10 hours of video training and contains downloadable handouts and exercises. Most classes can be completed in a weekend if you're working on them full-time, but 7 to 14 days is the recommended time to complete each course. 

    Step 2: Pass The Test

    Once you complete the course, you'll be able to sit for the final exam (which is taken online). The exam isn't tricky, but you'll need a passing grade of 75% to get certified and you can take the test up to three times. If you don't receive a passing grade after the third attempt, you'll be required to go back through the course again. The exam should take from 30 to 60 minutes to complete and consists of 75 multiple choice questions.

    Step 3: Get Your Certificate And Badge

    Upon successful completion of the course and exam, you'll receive a personalized badge and certificate. Your badge leverages Mozilla's Open Badges Project, so it can be displayed in places that matter, including your website, email signature or LinkedIn profile. Plus you'll receive a full color certificate that's suitable for framing so you can display your achievement.

    Train In All 3 Critical Core
    Disciplines Of Pet Nutrition

    Choose just one specialty or combine all three core courses for an advanced designation and your Dog And Cat Nutrition Mastery Certification. Choose the certification that's right for you (and your team).

    Learn from home and learn at your own pace - and show off your badge and certification, proving your proficiency from a source that employers and pet owners trust.

    Should You Get Certified?

    It's not for everyone, but the Nutrition Specialist Certification is for...

    Business Owners

    Your staff and sales reps should be DNM University certified so they can give more value to your customers and help grow your client base and trust.

    Vet Techs

    If you're a vet tech or you want to have vet techs - you can trust DNM University certification to deliver advanced nutrition concepts you can use to give your patients extra special care.

    Pet Owners

    You can feel good knowing you've gone the extra mile to understand the foods that go into your pet and learn how to build your own fresh food diets, even for pets with illness.


    Help pets in your care get off to the best possible start by giving adopters valuable tools and insights so you can feel good knowing they will feed their new family member a healthy diet.


    You're in a position to reach thousands of pet owners - so why not invest in advanced industry and nutrition education so you can build a large, engaged audience who will love your high quality blog content.

    Students/Start Ups

    If you're looking to land a great job or start your own business in a fun, in-demand field, you'll earn the skills and certifications you need to ace your interview or attract customers looking for certified partners they can trust.

    Pet Food Nutrition

    9 Modules | 47 Video Lessons | 15 Handouts | 8 Hours of Total Training 

    The pet food industry is constantly evolving and they’re watching consumer trends to get a leg up on the market. Consumers are demanding higher quality pet foods but many pet food companies are tricking them into thinking their food is something it's not. You'll learn how to help pet owners navigate this tricky industry and give them what they need: high quality commercial diets without the lies and deception.

    Raw Dog Food Nutrition

    6 Modules | 44 Video Lessons | 13 Handouts | 9 Hours of Total Training

    Raw feeding is all the rage! But most raw diets don't provide balanced nutrition. In this mastery course, you'll learn the science behind raw feeding and you'll be able to construct complete diets from scratch, based on canine and feline physiology, their ancestral nutrient sources, and the foods available today. Raw feeding is a science, not an art... and this course will deliver the science you need to excel as a raw food nutrition professional. 

    Advanced Pet Nutrition

    Coming Soon

    You can't cure disease without solid nutrition. Yet nutrition is one of the most overlooked aspects of veterinary medicine. You need to be able to customize diets based on each dog or cat's individual requirements and that's exactly what you'll learn to do in this mastery course. You'll learn how to construct diet and supplement plans for most of the common health issues in companion animals. Fresh, whole foods and well-chosen supplements and herbs can change the life of the animal eating them. You can be the one helping to make those changes. 

    DNM University Has the Pet World Talking...

    Although I've completed 2.5 years of Canine Nutrition schooling I feel this will be great to add to my resume.

    Donna Middleton 

    I am sooooo excited. You are the best thing that has happened in the dog world in a long time.

    Darlene Sumner 

    So exciting, I've been waiting months for this!

    Karen Taylor 

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